The most delicious dumplings selected

„Summer memories” with chocolate and strawberries are dumplings that will reign in Krakow this year – all thanks to the victory in the competition for the most delicious pierogi organized as part of the tenth edition of the Pierogi Festival, which ended yesterday (August 19, Sunday) in the Mały Rynek .

This year’s edition of the festival, which lasted five days, was attended by 14 restaurants. During its duration, the producers of the tastiest products competed for two challenge (received for a year) awards – the statuette of Casimir the Great (an audience award) for a selected restaurant and the statuette of St. Jacek with Dumplings (this is the jury’s award) for the best dumplings.

The first statuette went to the „Królestwo Pierożka” („Agdana” Ltd). The second statuette went to the Magillo restaurant for the „Summer Memory” dumplings with chocolate and strawberries.

This year’s festival program also includes numerous concerts and accompanying events – including „Miraculous power of bouquets” competition, blood donation campaign organized by the Foundation „We cheer for life” and culinary workshops for children organized by the Association of Małopolska Cooks and Confectioners. The organizer of the 10th Dumplings Festival was the Krakow City Hall; co-organizers: Krakow Merchant Congregation and the Heritage Institute.

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